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Hebei Huike Steel Pipes Co., Ltd.

Carbon steel seamless pipe Manufacturer

Carbon Steel Pipes are widely used in fertilizer, petroleum, centra station, boiler, power station, shiping, chemical industry, environment protection, food industry,  and so on.

Carbon Steel Pipe manufacturer Huike supplies Carbon Steel Pipes,Carbon Steel Piping,Carbon Steel Tubing,Carbon Pipe for oil & gas, and other industrial segments.

Precision seamless pipe is producing by a cold drawn process with high precision and high-quality finish. Due to the characteristics of high-precision, precision seamless pipe has extensive range of applications in precision machinery manufacturing, auto parts, hydraulic cylinders, construction (steel sleeve) industry and etc.

Characteristics of precision seamless pipe:
1. High precision, saving the loss when the quantity of machining users.
2. Wide range of applications.
3. Cold-rolled finished products, high precision, good surface quality and straightness.
4. Steel pipe inner diameter can be made hexagonal.
5. Steel pipe superior performance, the metal is relatively dense.


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