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Easily lead to rupture of oil which factors?

For some high-frequency welding of non-ferrous metal pipes requiring sealing and pressure resistance, an important issue of eddy current testing is the still low spirit level. At present, only 0.3mm equivalent round hole defect can be achieved. Tube, air-conditioning thread snow can not meet the requirements. Therefore, this type of pipe should also be made for pressure test or seal test, oil short according to different products to the media available water or gas, according to the specific requirements of product technology. Adjusting the sensitivity of a sample from the test to detect a minimum trap equal to the product technical conditions or specific technical regulations under the minimum impermissible defects that use this sensitivity as a standard test sensitivity. Due to enter the closed hole before the outside of the strip (steel outer wall) stretching, the inside (steel pipe wall) compression into the closed hole due to the role of reduced diameter and the formation of the tube after the poor internal and external reasons for the synthesis, easy to form V-shaped contact . If the V-shaped inner wall is in contact with the outer wall for a long time in advance, the external welding current is small, the difference between the inner and outer temperatures is large, and the welding defects are easily caused. Therefore, in actual production, we must control the size of V-shaped, as far as possible to control the docking type I-shaped small V-shaped.

Appropriate to increase the opening angle. The smaller the opening angle is, the stronger the high frequency current is near the effect. The higher the thermal efficiency of the oil short-circuit welding, the larger the opening angle and the lower the thermal efficiency of the welding, but the more conducive to the discharge of the molten metal carrying oxide. Therefore, the appropriate increase in the opening angle of weld inclusions. The actual production due to improper control of raw materials or production processes, ERW pipe welds or base metal will produce defects in each issue, given the name of the pipe defects, morphology and causes.

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