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How is the precision steel pipe processed?

First, how precision steel tubes are cold-worked

1. The cold processing method used in precision steel pipe can be roughly divided into the following methods: Compared with cold drawing, the state of stress during cold rolling deformation is good, so that the deformation is large, the intermediate process can be reduced and the production cycle can be shortened. Reducing consumption can also reduce costs.

2. This method is suitable for the processing of poor precision plastic steel pipe and non-deformable non-ferrous metals, the disadvantage is low productivity, low production flexibility, this method is a single cold rolling program This method can reduce the process, shorten the production cycle, improve Productivity and expansion of varieties, this method is a combination of cold-rolled heat treatment, this combination of programs can play a large amount of cold-rolled deformation and cold-rolled production of the advantages of flexibility.

3. The deformation of the heat treatment passes is relatively small, there are many deformation passes, there are many intermediate processes, the production cycle is long, and the metal and auxiliary materials are consumed. Although this method is not an excellent solution, because the precision steel pipe structure is colder than The mill is simple, less investment, easy to operate.

Second, the introduction of precision heat treatment process

1. The tool is easy to manufacture and replace, the production is more flexible, and the productivity is also higher, so it is often used to process carbon steel, low alloy steel pipe and general precision steel pipe. This method is a single heat treatment program. A large diameter alloy precision steel pipe production process A large diameter alloy precision steel pipe production process.

2. It includes the following steps: Step one, material preparation; step two, tube heating and oblique rolling piercing; step three, trimming the capillary; step four, thermal expansion deformation sizing; step five, heat treatment; step six, straightening; Step VII, internal grinding; Step VIII, rectification; Step IX, external grinding; Step 10, inspection inspection; Step XI, and then finishing, final inspection and packaging.

3. The present invention can not only produce high-grade alloy precision steel tubes within a large group distance, but also has relatively small investment, high product quality, high production efficiency, and low production cost. The main production processes of precision steel tubes are billet and billet heating, perforation of tube blanks, extension of steel tubes, rolling of steel tubes, sizing and reduction of steel tubes, cooling and finishing of steel tubes.

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