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Safety hazards of oil and gas pipeline transportation

Long distance transportation of oil and gas pipeline passing through areas, along the way, variety of landform, geological condition is complex and changeable, once put into production, and long time running, natural environment, social environment along the pipeline will change as time goes on, the pipeline itself and its affiliated facilities will be aging, produce many safe hidden trouble, threatening pipeline operation.

So what are the specific safety hazards in the transportation of oil and gas pipelines? Here's how:

(1) theft of oil and gas to the pipeline running havoc: in the oil and gas pipeline transportation is the same, under the huge benefit drive, long distance transportation pipeline often stolen by punching oil, to transportation cause a lot of obstacles, and suffered huge losses, but also easy to cause fire and explosion, cause a serious security hidden danger.

(2) natural disaster damage to the pipeline, because of the long distance transportation, pipelines of the terrain is complicated, any terrain changes are likely to cause damage to pipeline, and the earthquake fault zone, coal mine goaf, prone to mountain natural geological disasters such as landslides serious region is numerous, pipeline passing through these areas, vulnerable to earthquakes, landslides, collapse and impact of natural disasters such as flood damage, caused huge losses.

(3) to run the wrong operation and pipeline failures: including pipe itself quality problem, the material not up to standard, and the staff in the process of operation is not standard, cause error, is also a kind of safe hidden trouble.

(4) the illegal occupation pressure and surrounding construction of long-distance oil and gas pipelines: this is a conflict with the surrounding construction project, and the safety distance is not enough, which is a safety hazard caused by the failure of planning.

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