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The use of oil casing

The oil casing is a large-diameter pipe that functions as a fixed oil and gas well wall or wellbore. The casing is inserted into the wellbore and cemented to prevent the wellbore from separating the rock formation and the wellbore collapse and to ensure that the drilling mud is circulated for drilling and exploration.

Tubular end machining form: Short round thread, long round thread, partial trapezoidal thread, special buckle, etc. Drilling for oil wells is mainly used to support the wellbore during and after drilling to ensure the normal operation of the entire well after the drilling process is completed.

The importance of oil pipe

The oil industry is an industry that uses a lot of oil pipes, and oil pipes play an important role in the oil industry:

1 The use of petroleum pipelines is large and costly. The potential for cost savings and cost reduction is enormous. The consumption of oil well pipes can be calculated based on the annual size of the drill.

2 The mechanical and environmental behaviors of petroleum pipes have an important impact on the use of advanced technology and increased production efficiency in the petroleum industry;

3 The loss of oil pipes is huge, and safety and reliability and oil life have a major bearing on the oil industry.

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