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What is the temperature measurement method of oil casing?

Scratched Abrasive or Erosive Abrasion (Low Stress Abrasive Wear in Parallel Fluids). Abrasive abrasion. Pure fluid erosion (refers to the fluid particles). Oil pipe clamp impact erosion (referring to the particles of fluid on the metal surface impact).

This classification method was later commonly used by the United States mining machinery industry. In actual conditions, the wear of materials is often not just a mechanism at work, but several mechanisms exist at the same time, but only one mechanism plays a major role. When the conditions change, the wear and tear will also change, will be a petroleum pipe hoop mechanism mainly to another mechanism. This requires us to analyze the actual wear and tear to find out the main way of wear or wear. The accurate determination of the friction surface temperature is more difficult. At present, the test methods for friction surface temperature mainly include two types of contact-type and non-contact type. According to the form of thermocouple is divided into different types of natural thermocouple and artificial thermocouple.

(1) The natural thermocouple consists of the metal part in the friction pair as one end of the heat conductor and the other metal part or the other end of the wire to form a thermocouple. Oil pipe ferrule temperature measurement method by the friction surface changes in the nature of the impact, so the error.

(2) The artificial thermocouple will pre-calibrate two different metal heat conductors.

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